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Moor Line®

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1. 1/2” or 12.71 mm diameter double braid nylon line.

2. 10 ft or 3+ meters of line.

3. 6061-T6 aluminum with an anodized coating.

4. Lockable latch prevents thieves from stealing the product or line when it's concealed inside the canister. Security nuts and screws may be bought after market for Post Mount Installations.

5. 304 and 316 stainless steel latch, bearings, spring, screws, nuts, bolts, and washers included.

6. Blue solar LED light for night function.

7. The end of the mooring line has a snap hook or eye for easy mooring.

8. 6" or 152.4 mm diameter canister, 4.75" or 120.65 mm deep.

9. "Tide Adjuster switch" allows the line to extend or retract freely for rough or tidal conditions; as well as locking the line in place.

10. Each retail box comes with 3 different installations options.

-Flush Mount to the dock. May fit on the boat if room permits.

-Round Pilings

-2.5" x 2.5" Square Steel Tubing

11. Every retail box comes with a cutting template for easy flush mount installation.

12. Furthermore, the LDPE UV Stabilized covered cap prevents debris from entering the canister, all while preserving the lid's coating and battery life on the light.

36 feet and under is a suggested length of boat for Moor Line with a 1/2" diameter line. Each Moor Line has a tensile strength rating of 6000 lbs. If you buy 4, there's a tensile strength rating for a 24,000 lb. boat and under. In addition to the 4 Moor Line's, it keeps the boat centered in the dock slip eliminating any damage to the boat or dock when mooring your boat.

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