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Retractable Mooring Line

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What if there is a product that saves time and frustration mooring your boat, while adding safety around the dock? Would you buy it to help protect your 4, 5, or 6 digit dollar investment in a boat? What if it would save your guests, kids, and elderly parents from getting hurt? What if it helped guide you back to your dock or slip if you got lost during a night ride? Have you ever had your dock lines and valuables stolen on the docks? What if your family keeps getting in arguments because someone isn't tying the boat up properly. Maybe you've had trouble finding the correct length or knot when tying up your boat? Furthermore, how many dock lines have you had to buy in the last 10-15 years because of the line getting chafed, cut up, damaged by the sun, algae infestation on the line, or mishandling of the line? What if I told you that we have created a product that takes care of all of these concerns. The About Page lists all benefits and features of Moor Line®.

Demo video of the Moor Line®

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How does the product work? And what does it offer?


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News About the Product

Hey everyone,
we have completely sold out of the 1st generation model. We are taking preorders for Moor Line™. We expect to have product in very soon! Below are additional improvements we have made to the product.

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