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I am writing to you in order to thank you and the team at Infinite Creations for a great purchasing experience. The turnaround time on the order was fantastic. The product itself I simply love, no ropes acting as a hazard and I no longer have to worry about my friends or family tieing the boat off improperly. Installation was easy and the instructions were clear and precise. Now all I need them to do is connect the rope to the boat and your product does the rest.  What I didn’t realise at the time of purchase was the benefit of the solar light’s. Having some experience with solar lights these are the best quality I have ever seen and truly light up the jetty which makes docking and disembarking at night a joyful experience.  Thus to everyone at Infinite Creations a big shout out, Thanks. Both the product and the company ROCK !!!!!!!!


Cam Mactier

“I can't believe this innovative design of mooring your boat to the dock has not been done.  I feel this product will revolutionize on securing your boat to a dock. We will be carrying this product for sale!”

After years of tripping over loose dock lines and having to fish slimy, moss-soaked lines out of the lake, someone came up with a practical solution… why didn’t I think of this? Congratulations on a great product!

Larry Robertson

My children play hide and go seek around the dock all the time, while crawling back to me with tears in their eyes because they stumped their toes on the cleat. This product takes care of the mother’s worry about safety on the dock….not to mention tying up the boat is super easy. I also like the solar light…my husband is able to find the dock very easily coming home from Sam’s Pizza Pub.

Veronica Paulson Mclane

Hey Miller,
The post mounts are working good, it's super easy to use, I really like them. I've been wrestling with all sorts of ropes and knots and tie down straps since I started boating and was not happy with any of them until now. 

Tony Westbrook

I had mine installed today. We are waiting on the water to come up and all our friends to visit so we can use them. Great idea, no more cleats to trip over and ropes will stay clean and dry. I hate grabbing a slimy rope. Thanks, Miller, I hope you sell a million!

Lisa Simmons-Hamilton 

Working with Miller has been a great experience from start to finish. I couldn’t be more happy with the product. I installed 4 of the post mounted retractable mooring devices in order to center my boat in the slip and they work perfectly. If you’re on the fence do yourself a favor and buy it, you will not regret it.

Drew Mason

Great product! Tired of having your boat untie because everyone wants to invent a new knot when they dock the boat? Problem solved. Found it to be robust and it looks great on our new dock! 

David Martinous 

Installed this in our boathouse for our 40’ Cruisers boat. Product is amazing, built super-solid, and works exactly like it was designed by someone who actually had to USE it. My wife does most of the lines when we are docking and departing and she loves the simplicity and how easily they work. Materials are all over-built and easily installed in about 10 minutes into the 3/4” plywood on the deck of our boathouse. Makes for easy use, but also less complexity with lines that don’t make trip hazzards and keep the right amount of tension. Spend the money and buy the last mooring line you will ever need. 

Tom Kruse

The Product is great! I bought 2! I love that I never have to worry about whether or not I'll have a rope to tie to at the dock. It includes 10 feet of rope that's retractable and out of the way when not in use. I highly recommend this product. 

Gilly Gill

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